Living my life like it’s golden…


This post may not be what you think it is. You may have thought I had some amazing news for you, in regards to how great my life is; or that everything is perfect and full of glitz and glamour.  Sorry to disappoint you guys, ’tis not the case’.

A few months ago, I was pursuing a few different goals and nothing seemed to be working.   I felt like everything I tried to do was met with a door slammed in my face and I must be honest, it was getting me down.  At this point, I had two choices, 1. keep allowing all my disappointments to get to me OR 2. focus on what I can control, stop worrying about my future and keep working and learn to be content and happy with the things that are happening ‘now’. Needless to say, option 1 was getting me no where so I opted for option 2.

I have been amazed at how happier I am.  I still don’t have anything more than what I had a few months ago, and there is a whole list of things I see no way of achieving, but I am filled with so much ‘Hope’ (the joyful expectation of good).  I am feeling happy, excited and peaceful because I have put all my focus on what I have now and, I am so grateful for it.  So to all who are interested at the moment I can truly say ‘I am living my life like it’s GOLDEN’ because most of our feelings are governed by the thoughts in our head and not the things we currently obtain.





Photography by

Coat – Juz Lookin (a shop in Croydon town centre)

Wet look leggings – New Look

Shoes – Zara

Glasses –


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