You are so worthy of love



There are many reasons that make us feel devalued and unloved.  Sometimes, it’s because we don’t feel like there is anyone in our life who really cares, for some it’s because someone has constantly told you how worthless you are, and those words have been repeated time after time and caused you to feel small and insignificant.


Words can very often hurt so much more than physical abuse. The words we hear, always seem to come back into our minds time and time again, reminding us of how others have viewed us. Just because those words were spoken to you doesn’t mean they are true. The truth is! you are so worthy of love, you deserve to be celebrated, and valued.  


Don’t allow the opinion of others to define who you are! Everyone is special in their own unique way and you have to make a choice to place a high value on yourself. The truth is, You are great and fabulous. Maybe no one has told you, so, it’s an honour for me to speak some truth into your life. You were Created with greatness and that is fact. 

Big Love