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 I’m happy to be wearing a Jeanette Young London original again, this time it’s the Shiny PU Pencil Skirt With Velvet Bows.  I’m big on celebrating & supporting people I love. I don’t know if I can express how much seeing the people close to me succeed means, but it means a lot. I love to give compliments, uplift and push people to shine, I really believe it’s what we were born to do. With all that being said this skirt is currently on sale and half price at an amazing £60. You can purchase it here: Shiny PU Pencil Skirt With Velvet Bows


It’s been quite hard to get back into being at school & teaching so intensely after such a long break (6 weeks to be exact). Along with being back at school and all that comes with teaching, I was out almost every evening last week at rehearsals, performances & I was working all day Saturday. It all felt like a lot and I found myself frustrated about almost everything; Work, my goals, the hustle etc….! I’m a really positive person and I believe in speaking the things you desire into existence but that’s not what was needed last week.

I needed to be 100% honest about how I was feeling & I was frustrated. Once I spoke my truth I could instantly see clearly again. When you’re working hard and giving your all to your goals and dreams life can get tiring and weary.  You need people around you, who will understand and I’m thankful I have my husband, sister & friends who just get it. When I begin to feel frustrated I also find myself wishing everything in my life was different but I know the value of living in your season.

Every day is not going to feel like summer, some days have to feel like autumn and some will feel like a chilly winter evening. If you’re not careful you’ll wish your life away because you’re not satisfied with where you’re at and what you have. I decided to share four nuggets of advice for when you feel frustrated about your future. I really hope it helps as I lived this last week and it helped me.

Big Love ladies


I think Laura Mvula said it best.-9















Photography: Relm Photography

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Skirt: Shiny PU Pencil Skirt With Velvet Bows





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    Back with a bang ? ? Love your nuggets of advice sissy ?

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