Fashion FRIDAY: I have Permission……

For a long time now I have been in denial about my love for one particular aspect of my creativity. My sister is a stylist and hairdresser, and so enjoys spending time looking at new trends and the latest looks on fashion websites. She could do this from morning ‘til night. I have always assumed that because I am not like her, I’m not a ‘real fashion lover – that is, until recently. 
When I’m out and about I constantly find myself staring at people whose creativity catches my eye. I must admit, before I make eye contact with people, I usually make shoe contact. I scan outfits from head to toe and I’m hugely inspired by the unique way we can express our personalities through the way we present ourselves. I love fashion that looks simple, but you can tell that thought went into every aspect of the look. All that being said, I have no desire to make this a fashion blog only, or to become the next best stylist… but it feels good to know that I have permission to call myself a ‘fashion lover’.
I know this might sound silly or even pointless to you, but it’s been so empowering to know that just because my passion for it is different to my sister, or even some of my friends who can tell you exactly what trends are in seasons with Prada, D&G and Gucci, It’s ok for me to be me and love fashion in my own way. What do you like? What inspires you? What makes you come alive? Whatever it is, know that it’s ok for your passions and interests to reflect you and for them to be enjoyed in a way that suits who you are. Nothing about your personality or creativity is an accident.
Throughout my journey clothes and grooming have really boosted my confidence. Of course, wearing make-up and nice clothes do not define my beauty as to me, beauty is way deeper than how I look on the outside. However when I adorn myself well I feel confident on the inside. If you don’t feel great within yourself right now, or you need a confidence boost, you would be amazed at what a few new trendy items could do to boost yourself confidence.
I love the way Maya Angelou puts it: ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some STYLE’. 
You are more than enough, beautiful lady……
Big Love
Glasses –
Jacket- Miss Selfrideges
Kimono- H&M
Jeans and Scarf – Primark
Boots – River Island

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