Keeping it simple…


Sometimes I make my life so complicated. I get stressed and worried over things I have absolutely no control over. I also struggle to manage the three things in life that I feel keep us balanced: work, rest, and PLAY. It sounds so simple and obvious that one has to work and, in order to be successful at your job you obviously need to rest. Working without enjoying the fruits of your labour is lifeless in my opinion so we must make time for fun. What do you do for you? Is there an activity you do that is simply for your enjoyment?

Keeping life simple and uncomplicated is always easier said than done because I know that life happens, and when crazy twists and turns come they can very quickly unsettle us. But when my life is balanced I feel like I can fly, I mean I literally feel unstoppable! The main thing that keeps me focused and ready for anything is prayer. I talk to God all the time about everything and anything; on the train, walking to work, everywhere. He is my secret weapon and talking to Him fills me with peace and keeps me focused and happy.

Life is sweeter when we can find balance & keep it simple….







Photography by

Dress – Primark

Coat – Topshop

Shoes – River Island

Necklace – My sisters (you gotta love the sister, sister bond)


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