The Classic Crown

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The Classic Crown is an elegant, and ethreal style which I believe will suit an old time soft spirited bride.

To create this sophisticated swirled rolled style, these are the  ingredients you will need, follow this recipe:

1. Your good friends Bobby Pins

2. Gel ( I tend to stick to Eco Styler- Olive Oil)

3. A wide toooth comb (to detangle safely)

4. A semi hard bristled brush (to slick those edges)

5. Afro Kinky extensions (for body- if you need it)

6. Holding spray

7. Some crystallised pins to embellish your crown

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Step 1- Part the hair into 3 horizontal sections, this acts as the guideline as to how the rolls will swirl.

Step 2- Twist a few strands of afro extentions attaching a bobby pin at the top to secure it in place.

Step 3- Start with the left side of your head, make a parting in your hair, and put some leave out to the side.

Step 4- Attach the extension roughly 2 inches from the front of your edges, and use the leave out to wrap, roll, tuck and pin as you travel down to the nape.

Step 4.5- Whilst doing so apply some gel to the hair, and some holding spray to secure the shape you are creating.

Step 5- I hope you beautiful ladies enjoy creating this style for your crown. The End…

With Lots of Love from my Curls to yours,

The make up artist @giselle_makeup  created a soft smoky eye, completed with a soft pink rose gloss, for that fresh spring, delicate look.

Photographer @cloeephtographer



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