Good Things Will Happen



This blog post is a simple, short and gentle reminder to stay positive in your heart and mind. Very often (myself included) because we feel like we have been dissapointment by things in the past, it seems like nothing good will happen. That is a lie and it’s not a good idea for you to entertain thoughts like that.

‘Good Thing Will Happen’ in your family, at work and in your personal life. In the same way you have convinced yourself that bad will happen, change those thoughts to expect that good will happen. How do you do that? By not allowing anything negative to leave your mouth and by speaking positivly even when you can’t see evidence of what you’re saying. You’re a powerful person and your words will create your world. If this is something you don’t do very often then it may be a challenge at first, but try it and I guarentee you will reap the bennifits.

Big Love





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