Love your lines

At this moment in time I am childless! I have been married for just under

two years so I’m waiting a little while longer before I start having children. At some point in the not so distant future, I pray and hope that God blesses me with the gift of having my own child as I take nothing for granted. Many of my friends have beautiful babies but time and time again I hear them say things like, “I love being a mum but this child ruined me”, or “I’m so thankful for my kids but I can’t stand my body!”
Beautiful mums out there I will not pretend like I know how it feels to have stretch marks on my belly, or for my skin to lose its elasticity but when I came across the ‘love your lines’ website I leapt with joy and excitement!

This is for those of you who have suffered in silence for years disliking your naked body. Feeling bad about the fact that before you had your children, your body seemed perfect and you have never really come to terms with the ‘new you’?

This post is dedicated to you. I would like to encourage you to check out:

A post from from their Instagram page from the lady above: 

“My MO was “small and cute” all my life. I am only 4’10” so this is what I felt I had “going for me”. Growing my second child was a joy but I couldn’t believe how my body was being affected. She was much larger than my son. I had a torpedo for a pregnant belly (there was no where for her to go but OUT.). This time I had this foreign wrinkly, stretch marked, droopy belly button of a tummy to learn to accept. Over the past 15 months, they’ve faded a lot. But then 7 months ago I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have surgery to remove our baby and my Fallopian tube. Now I had 3 incisions gathering my wrinkly skin even worse to come to terms with. Goodbye smooth tummy of my youth. I had to grieve that. Slowly shame crept up on me as I looked around and saw young firm bodies I envied. Vanity took over my soul and I hadn’t even realized it. Finally it was revealed to me so I deeply wanted to learn to not only accept my body, but LOVE IT because of how God made me. HE MADE OUR BODIES TO CHANGE. My body has housed 3 precious children, and I would never change it even for the promise of the proverbial “perfect” bod. NONE OF THAT can compare to the JOY that motherhood gives me. So grateful to feel CONFIDENT in this tummy — my GIFT. I will preach this to my soul for all my days in all of the ways I am sure to change.” 

I am in love with this blog and Instagram page! It was started by two mums celebrating ‘real women, real bodies, and real self love’!  Women send in pictures along with their individual stories which are shared on social media. Their Instagram page has 128,000 followers and I must admit I have spent many moments on their page feeling uplifted and encouraged by the posts. 

‘Love your lines’, thank you for starting a movement that is setting women
free from lies about themselves all over the world.

Always remember ‘you are enough’ 
Big love 


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    October 8, 2015 at 1:28 pm Reply

    Beautiful blog! I love my lines too x

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