What do you see?


I am always amazed and extremely interested at the perception we have of our own reflection.  I’m not just talking about the external reflection but, the view we have of ourselves on the inside.  I believe that we were created to soar, shine, and thrive throughout life but somewhere along the journey, through many different circumstances, it’s as though a veil is placed over our eyes and we can’t see ourselves clearly.

So many of us are talented with various gifts. For some it’s business, performing arts, hospitality, cooking etc.  Only a very small percentage of people step out and take risks with the talents they have.  Fear is like a fungus that we pick up throughout life and if we empower it, it will grow and fester. Before you know it, you find yourself stuck in a rut wondering how all the years disappeared and reminiscing on all the dreams and goals you used to have.  Who told you that you couldn’t have them? What made you decide not to try?


When you look at yourselves in the mirror what do you see? Is it what your mother or father  always told you, (whether good or bad)? Is it what a co- worker sees or the impression your friends have? No matter what it is, I guarantee that it has impacted your life 100% up until now.  Words are powerful and they create good or bad within us.  Sometimes people don’t see our greatness and it feels as though their words have cut deep like a knife.  You have the power to flush the negative words and keep only the positive ones. What do you see?

You were created powerful, capable and full of purpose. Before you were born and whilst in the womb of your mother, there was a great destiny that was waiting for you to meet it – have you met it yet.  You are good enough to do the thing you always wanted to, start that business you dreamt about or do that course you’ve always thought about. May you never think of yourself as less ever again. Hold your head up, push your shoulders back and say ‘Yes I can’! This life is a journey and sometimes we have doubts, but never give up.

Don’t you dare give up on life, don’t you dare give up on hope and most importantly don’t you dare give up on yourself. May you start and end every day of your life from here with ‘Yes I can’!

Big Love



Creative Director – Jeanette Young London

Stylist – Jeanette Young London

For more info about Jeanette read her ‘What’s Your Story’ feature Here

Hair – Natz Divine Touch from MO ISO

Makup – Sasha Simone

Photographer – Rebekah Sarah

Pictures from Enraptured Photo shoot Pt2



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