You were made for amazing things



Hi Everyone!

Let’s have a quick mental detox as we draw near to 2017. It’s really easy for us to forget how great we are. I have to be very intentional about what I listen to in an effort to ensure I don’t start to entertain stupid thoughts about myself.

You were created by God for great things and I know it’s something we hear a lot but it’s true, ‘You Are Amazing’. You can compare yourself to other people forever but they will never be you or be able to offer to the world what you can. Do not believe the lies floating around in your mind but fill it daily with the truth even if you don’t currently believe it.

Daily affirmations for 2017:

  1. I will be all that God has created me to be
  2. I am a world changer
  3. My goal is not perfection it’s to give my best effort
  4. My past mistakes do not define me, they build my character
  5. I will not procrastinate but I’ll set realistic goals
  6. I am talented, gifted and my brain is full of creative ideas
  7. I’m not where I want to be but I see great importance in my journey

If you struggle to find anything good to say about youself watch this video, I’m sure it will encourage you to believe otherwise.

Big Love

Sharlene-Monique x


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