Philippa Hanna

‘She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future’ prov 31:25



My name is Philippa Hannah and I am unique because……?

There’s only one of me in a world of 7 billion residents! And there never has or will be another one! Same goes for you.

Since the release of your first album back in 2007 you have been consistent in your career. You demonstrate integrity and class in all you do. Has the choice to be a full time singer been easy?

Thank you so much for such a great compliment! Integrity is a beautiful virtue. I must say, I’ve had some close calls. It’s very easy to get distracted and to focus on the wrong things. If you worry too much about people pleasing, it can lead you to making the wrong choices. It’s so important to keep asking God to keep His watch on your decisions. It’s not easy but, we have to do what’s in line with his word – which is not always the thing that will make you the most popular.

Do you find fame and materialism challenging in your line of work?

I think it’s very difficult for all of us – not just those in the entertainment field. Whether you’re a pastor, a stay at home mum or a professor, the world is always trying to steal your attention. It’s easy to focus on what you want in life and forget how blessed you are. God has been very gracious in reminding me that He is the only thing that never changes. We can’t put our faith in all passing material things, status and achievements. The only true treasure is people.

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I saw that you recently spent some time in Nashville working on your new album. What can your fans expect from this album that is different from the other’s

As we speak I’m in the studio where I’ve literally eaten and slept for two weeks! Ok I might be making it sound a little dramatic. It’s very nice; the studio bedroom is better than mine! It’s been a great time. Making a new album is a lot of pressure at this point because I just want to make everyone proud, and to continue my purpose which, I truly believe is to uplift and inspire people; whatever their background. I have to say this material is VERY different to the last album! It’s not what you might expect from a Nashville recording… All I can say is – the people involved are some of the best in the industry and they’re all people of great faith. We only have one rule about the music, and it is to help people of all ages and backgrounds feel loved and inspired when they listen.

You have penned some fantastic songs such as ‘I am amazing’, ‘Raggedy Doll’ and ‘lighthouse’. Some of your songs encourage your listeners to value who they are and strengthen their self-esteem. What is the inspiration behind those songs?

They’re all songs born out of my struggle with my self-esteem. For lots of reasons, I have struggled to love myself in the past. I was a sensitive kid and I was teased quite badly in junior school. Words can scar you. Also trying to ‘make it’ in music, can really cause you to question your looks, ability and even personality. Rejection never feels good. My faith has shown me my true value as a child of God, made with love for a purpose. He loves me and nothing can change that.

What advice would you give teenage Philippa if you could go back in time in regards to embracing who you are?

Well, there would be a lot of silly choices I would talk her out of. A part from that sort of stuff I would say ‘Don’t worry, life feels impossible now but God’s going to use your struggles to help other people in the future. Oh, and don’t spend all your money on cider you will definitely regret it’


Congratulations on your recent 6th year wedding anniversary. What’s your favourite thing about being married?

 I just love having a full time friend, and not having to carry life on just two shoulders; we share the load now. He’s a great guy. I really encourage all the single ladies to hold out for a man who is kind, gentle and treats them like a queen. Don’t compromise – you’re worthy of a gentleman.

What makes you laugh the most?

My sister! I don’t even know how she does it. Mum once said we sound like seagulls when we’re together – we have the same daft laugh and once we start, we just make each other worse!

Philippa Hannah will be touring the album throughout the UK in April/May (dates will be advertised at the end of January on her website) before heading off to the US in June.


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