SO London

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.”

Yves Saint Laurent


What’s your name and when was ‘So London’ established? 

My name is Stephanie Oyerinde and I established my label SO London 3 years ago in my living room.

 What’s the meaning behind the brands name? 

The ‘SO’ is my name it’s my initials and ‘LONDON’ because London is my home and the city I love the most. I love the food and nightlife but most of all people from London are, in my opinion, the best dressed, most unique and diverse in Europe.

 I absolutely love the African prints on your designs. You could have chosen any type of fabric, why this particular style? 

A family member bought home some beautiful fabric from the Gambia around the time I learned to sew and the first skirt I made was out of that fabric and I loved it. The colours are powerful, vibrant, bold and confident and I just fell in love with it!


To purchase a So London original check out the items in Etsy:

SO London

What are you passionate about besides fashion? 

My first love is music. I have been singing professionally since I was thirteen and before that, I would sit and write songs and poetry in the school playground and sang in church as a toddler (3 years, old I was told) so it has always been a part of who I am. During my career, I have sung with Westlife, Faithless, Jamelia, Celine Dion and Alfie Bow but, i’m also an artist in my own right and I’m releasing my debut album this year which is very exciting!


 I love your hair and all the different colours you experiment with – you are so bold, it’s fantastic! There are women who would never cut their hair as short as yours because they don’t have the confidence. Any advice? 

Well short hair isn’t for everyone but, If you feel a strong desire to go for the big chop just get on with it! It will grow back if you don’t like it! Life is too short to let you hair rule you!

If you could live in another country where would it be and why? 

I have no idea! London is my city! If I had to leave it would be to a tropical island in the Caribbean, because I strongly believe I am solar powered! Ha ha!

Any exciting ‘So London’ plans for 2016 that we should know about? 

This year I am focusing on getting the word out about my brand. I want to be out in London and see fabulous fashionistas in my clothes! I’m in the early stages of planning my first fashion and music event this summer, so there’s going to be a fashion show, stalls, DJ’s, live PA’s and of course, an opportunity to buy SO London pieces straight off.