Let me be my own kind of sexy!


These days most things on television seem to be very sexual and sex orientated.  You would have to be living under a rock not to notice that the media shows half naked women constantly.  I guess it’s what’s seen as ‘sexy’.  A rule my sister gave me when growing up was if you show lots of  your legs don’t show  cleavage and visa versa, she encouraged me to always keep it classy. Someone recently asked me how I would define my personal style and I would have to say whether casually dressed or looking glamorous I always want to look ‘Classy’.


 Exciting, interesting, appealing and intriguing

My view may not be the most popular one but here goes.  Sexy is that stay at home mother who looks after her kids, keeps a clean house, nurtures and loves her family.  Sexy is the woman who is doing her best to be the best person she can be for herself and the people around her.  Sexy is commitment, integrity and confidence personified.  I’ll be honest, I felt sexy in this jumpsuit and  I am  pretty much completely covered, no boobs, no legs nothing’s really on show.  I asked my husband to choose out of a selection of photos and these were his favourites.  Beautiful ladies, leave something for the imagination, you are worth more than just your bodies. Sexy is something that shines from the inside out so go on show your sexy with a smile and some class.










Photography – www.relmphotography.co.uk

Jumpsuite: H&M

Shoes: Office

Coat: Pretty Little Things



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