Love me with a date night

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My husband and I recently had a talk about each other’s needs! There is a fabulous book called ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman and he believes that all our needs fall into 5 categories:

Words of affirmation
Physical touch
Acts of service
Quality time
Receiving gifts

We were laughing at the fact that even though we thought we new each other’s needs fully we actually didn’t.  For example, one of mine is receiving gifts. When my husband takes me out or gives me gifts I feel so loved. They don’t even have to be big but I feel amazing when he does it.  My favourite is a date night where I can look good and put on something nice.  It’s so important to know what makes you feel loved. This doesn’t just apply to romantic friendships but relationships in general.  If your friends love language is ‘words of affirmation’ and you give her a birthday card that has one sentence in it she just won’t appreciate it as much.  Everyone deserves to feel valued and loved.


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Photography –

Jeans – New Look

Top – Brixton market

Barley there shoes –  New Look

Trainers – Asos

Bomber Jacket – gift

Denim Jacket – thrifted


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