Two Doughnuts Please

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This simple delicious style can be whisked up with 2 hair bands, afro kinky hair extensions, and a hand full of bobby pins. First, section your hair into 2. You may part your hair in any way that suits you best.  Here, I have parted our beautiful models hair diagonally, this helps to create a side bun. Next you need some Eco Styler Gel, (my favourite is the ‘Olive Oil’, but I believe they’re all just as good).  Apply a reasonable amount of gel to one section of your hair and with a medium/soft textured bristled brush, brush the gel into your hair to slick down your curls, put your hair into your band and twist your ends. Then, cut your extension in half, and use half of one half to create your natural doughnut by twisting the hair loosely.  Pin one end of the twist near to your hair band, and wrap around till you’ve formed a doughnut around your band. Lastly, undo your twisted ends and fold your hair over your afro doughnut using your bobby pins as you go around to secure your hair in place.  Repeat the same to the second section, and there you have it, 2 very scrumptious natural doughnuts. Decorated with a flower and complimented with a dazzling finish by the professional hands of the amazing Make Up Artist, Giselle Ali.

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I hope you beautiful ladies enjoy creating this sweet style for your crown.

The End…

With lots of love from my Curls to Yours



Hair  – Lu’s Curls

Makeup – Giselle Makeup

Photography – Cloee



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