A Quick Update


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while and I’m sorry,  I love connecting with you and sharing my thoughts but life has been full on since the start of the year. Sorry for my lack of fashion posts but my beautiful photographer Relm Photography recently got married and returned from her honeymoon on Saturday,  she has not been available for photo shoots. I am talking to a few brands in regards to collaborations so watch this space, photos are coming soon.

If you follow my 2nd Instagram page, @sharlenemonique you’ll see some of my other passions like singing and dancing when I am not posting blogs. I also have a big heart for young people and since January 2017 I have become a music teacher. It’s been challenging, time-consuming but extremely rewarding all at the same time. I teach 500 children weekly, lead 2 assemblies and a school choir. Even though I have worked in a primary school before, I’ve never had this much responsibility.

I intentionally forced myself out of my previous City job and into this one because I needed a challenge. I never realised it would be so demanding but I have seen so much growth in myself since January and I am loving it. Something amazing happens when we step out of what feels comfortable, we see exactly what we’re capable of and that is what’s happened to me. Even though I’ve taught in a primary school before, it was not like this and I certainly didn’t have to prepare lesson plans. At the end of the last half  term, I received some amazing feedback from my head teacher and I have to say, it felt great to hear how pleased she was with my work. There were so many emotions I experienced at the start of the year, for example fear, worry, and doubt. I honestly didn’t know if I was capable of doing it but, ‘great things rarely happen in comfort zones, but very often happen outside of them’.

When I took this job I wondered if I would still be able to do some of my personal jobs and I’m so glad I still can. I’ll be leading a vocal workshop at the Rocking Ur Teens conference next week and I’m off to Italy, Ireland and Denmark with Karen Gibson over the next few months. When I’m in Ireland I’ll be leading a ‘Be Uniquely You’ confidence workshop for a wonderful choir called ‘Ignite’, i’m looking forward to it but as you can see it’s a busy time.

I have desired to release my own music for a long time and to be honest I’ve loved singing and performing since I was 4 years old, but that’s another blog post for another day. What I will say, is please be patient with me as I am working on something very exciting and I think you’ll love it. My husband Chris who is my producer is working alongside me and all will be revealed shortly.

You haven’t seen or reached all of your capabilities and neither have I. It’s only February but because I stepped out with faith I have tapped into skills I didn’t know I had, what about you? Whatever your biggest fear is I dare you to take a risk. What’s the worse that could happen? You never know, maybe you’ll actually succeed……

Big Love


P.S – My hair is finally growing….. xx



  1. Sonia

    March 1, 2017 at 1:56 pm Reply

    Wow it really full on but exciting at the same time. Good luck with everything and I really can’t wait for the collaborations and he release of your songs. Stay blessed hun and keep tapping into your full potential.

    1. Sharlene-Monique

      June 6, 2017 at 5:45 pm Reply

      Hey lovely. Just seen this! Yes, it’s been an experience but feeling more on top of things now x

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