Book Review: Letters To A Young Generation


In an era where young black people can sometimes be portrayed in a negative way ‘Letters to a Young Generation’ was like the brightest British summer’s day and a real breath of fresh air. Compiled by Amanda Wilson from 9:10 Publishing, the book opens with a foreword by Kanya King and Angie Greaves.

Greaves begins by encouraging her readers to understand that life is a journey and that there are many lessons to be learned along the way, but that ultimately we were all created with a special gift which is unique to all of us and which will open many doors in the future.

The book is a compilation of 17 letters written to empower young black girls by luminaries such as Angie Le Mar, Bianca Miller, Sinitta and Ms Dynamite.  This book is quite simply amazing! I am hugely passionate about young women knowing that they are special, unique, beautiful and powerful beyond measure and this is the central message of this book.

When I was asked to review the book I didn’t quite know what was in store for me, but as always, I had my highlighter to the ready as I do whenever I read, however I had no idea that it would be put to such good use! It would be impossible for me to list all the mind-shifting one liners and quotes given by these inspirational women. However, what I will say is that though the theme of the book puts me in mind of my teenage cousins Trinity and Leonie (to whom I now constantly quote the book), it must be said that this is a book for all generations. It is not only the young ones who need encouragement or reminders of their true identity.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone – no matter the age or race – there is something in this book for everyone. However, I would particularly recommend it to those who struggle with a sense of self-worth. Sad to say, there are many women that I know personally who have no idea of what their purpose is, or how much value they have in this world.  If that is you, then purchase this book. You will feel strengthened, uplifted, empowered and reminded that mistakes are ok – it’s the choices you make to move forward from them that matter….


This book can be purchased from all major bookstores from 7th December and preordered now from Amazon


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