Emile Vidal Carr

“Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.”

Audrey Hepburn


My first question has to be, why women’s fashion?

I find with women’s fashion you can be far more creative.  When I started out at 18 I had the mentality that it would be more of an opportunity to mingle with the ladies.  Twelve years down the line I’m now married and, my wife is the epitome of the brands target consumer.

 Apart from fashion name 3 things you love?

Family, Music and Jesus.

 Your style is unique and some designs very structured, as you put it ‘sculpted elegance’.  What influences your designs? 

I’m heavily inspired by architecture and engineering. Hence our brand slogan,  ‘More engineering in one garment than a smart phone’


Celebrities such as Zoe Hardman, Kanya King and Sarah Jane Crawford are wearing ‘Emile Vidal Carr’ items.  What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

I always tell my interns to strengthen their knowledge of the ‘Fashion Business’. The industry is as much about financial planning and strategy as it is about cute pictures and pretty dresses. The best talent in the world doesn’t reach the right places if there is no infrastructure. Our company is made up of 5 directors who are experts in their reflective fields.  However, before they came along I had to be the designer, the accountant, the marketing guy and merchandising guy etc.

 You are a part of an industry that’s extremely driven by sexual images. However, your brand is not like that. Why?

I think that blatant sexual images in branding demonstrates a lack of creativity.  It’s very easy to catch someone’s attention with a sexual theme but lose the narrative of the brand. We strive to grab our customers attention with creativity and connecting with our customer.



How would you define the word ‘sexy’?

That word to me evokes intelligence, beauty and ambition. The same characteristics I see in my wife. As a male designer, I want the women who wear my dresses to feel intelligent, beautiful and ambitious.

 What challenges have you had working in fashion?

I’ve had multiple businesses in the past, some have been successful and others not so much. I also had the massive challenge of running a business during a recession. I’ve also had the challenge of severing relationships with associates that were not conducive to my growth, that in itself, helped to build my character.

 What is your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement in business has been launching our recent concession in Mayfair. We currently have 15 international concessions selling our product. Having been in the business for 13 years there have been many other achievements.  By the age of 23, I owned a high street clothing brand that was selling in Top shop and ASOS.  I’ve also worked on collections for Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret and Kanye West.


Congratulations on your recent move to Wolf and Badger. What’s next for the brand?

Our target is to reach 50 international concessions with at least one in every continent. My ultimate goal would be, to design the uniform for a prestigious non- fashion brand in the same way that Vivian Westwood designed the uniform for Virgin. I would also love to have Kate Middleton in one of my dresses, the team and I are working towards that.

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