Shan Smile


If there were 3 things you wanted people to know about Shan Smile what would they be?

1) A happy Soul & lover of creativity.

2) I’ve been into performing and music for as long as I can remember.

3) Growth and Gratitude is my motto!

 Since becoming an artist what has been your most memorable moment so far?

 There are so many, but I have particularly enjoyed the performance side of it all! Just the simple fact that I get to do what I love – my ‘Prisoner of Hope’ EP launch event being a great example! 

2017 has been a busy year for you, along with being a singer you also travel all over the country singing with ‘Whitney Queen Of The Night’ how do you manage it all?

 I guess it’s all time management and prioritising

I like to write things down & create my to-do lists. 

I’m not perfect at it, but I find as long as I’m looking after my health and wellbeing (mind, body and soul) the rest tends to follow. 

Being in the show is very hard work and demanding but I also get a fair amount of time off, which allows me to focus on different things. 


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What is success to you?

 Success is achieving the goals you set out to achieve, no matter how big or small. If my goal is to make people smile and go home from a show lifted in spirit, then I have succeeded. Or if I set out to release an EP and go through all the challenges of putting an EP together, I feel I have succeeded. Or simply doing what I love, full time is success to me!

 I love your most recent EP release ‘Prisoner Of Hope’, what’s next?

 Thank you!! I’m working on new music at the moment! I can’t wait to share it already!! 

 Give us your biggest tip for aspiring artists?

 You have to be confident! That’s key!

Also adding faith, love, consistency & simply being very good at what you do!



Is there an ultimate goal for your music, in 5 years where what would you like to be doing?

 My ultimate Goal for my music in 5 years would be to travel the world sharing my original songs! Music brings healing, happiness and togetherness and there’s a large world out there that needs it! 


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